TR3 Tag Reference
<catset>. </catset>
<IMG .>
All other open tags

All other open tags

Full syntax

1. <{ tag_name } [{ prop_name1 }[={ prop_val1 }]] [{ prop_name2 }[={ prop_val2 }]] .>



All other html tags except for those described in the previous sections are assumed to be in above syntax. Most html tags have list of property = value pairs. But some have standalone properties without any value assigned. If the number of standalong properties exceeds 6, a warning message is generated and the tag will be treated as raw text. When a tag is treated as raw text, it is added to the text stream as it is without being interpreted. Some devisees (e.g Palm) will display this text as it is in the page with < and > marks. But they can skip the interpreted tags if they are not recognized. More and more tags will be added to palm and symbian version in the future, which will make them more and more HTML friendly.







Normal HTML comments in above form are accepted.


Skipped tags

Anything within following tag pairs will be skipped along with the tags themselfs

<HEAD> ... </ HEAD >

<SCRIPT> ... </ SCRIPT >

<TITLE> ... </TITLE>

<STYLE> ... </STYLE>

If a <new> tag is found within the scope of any of above tags, a new subject will be started.

<BODY>,<HTML> and <META> tags will be skipped.

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