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Raid Script

Raid Script is a new language that is very much in its infancy. If you have any comments, suggestion, ideas, criticisms or anything else then please email them to editor@newsraider.com. This email address puts you directly in contact with our developers. We regret that we can only offer software support in English. We cannot offer any support for software by phone, in person or in a language other than English.

Raid Script is a simple but scaleable language aimed at processing online and offline text/html based content. The aim when designing it was to make it as easy as possible to for anyone to write and modify the scripts but, also to give it the scalability to accomplish more complex functions where needed.

If you have programmed in any language at all ever you will find you can pick up raid Script in seconds. Here are some things you should consider if you have programmed before:

1. Raid Script has only one true variable and no more can be defined.

2. Raid script has no conditionals (If. Then.. statements)

3. Raid Script has no program control (Goto. do.. until statements) other than calling procedures.

4. Raid Script is a totally caseless language.

If you have not programmed before then you wont find a simpler place to start than with Raid Script.


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