NewsRaider FAQ

How can I get more sites in NewsRaider?

NewsRaider uses a centralised library which means that when a new raid Script for a site is added it is automatically downloaded into NewsRaider windows. You can then enable or disable the script as and when you need it.

There are currently about 40 sites raided by NewsRaider and we are adding more all the time. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the Disabled scripts in the News Stand because new sites may have been added that you would like to be reaided by your version.

A News site has stopped being raided, what do I do?

As  the sites raided by NewsRaider change their structure and content it sometimes happens that the raid scripts will no longer work properly o9n them. We keep a good eye on this happening and as soon as we spot a “dud script” we change it and upload it – it will then be brought into your NewsRaider automatically.

We aim to fix dud scripts in 48 hours. Sometimes the Yadabyte pixies miss them so if after a week the script is still down email editor an NewsRaider dot com and inform him of the dud script.

I cannot syncronise Newsraider Windows and NewsRaider PPC?

This is because the two versions have become out of sync. Try this:

  1. Uninstall NewsRaider PPC and Windows
  2. Delete the folder NR Data on your PPC if it exists.
  3. Download the latest NR Windows from http://www.yadabyte.com/download_windows.php
  4. Install that AND when it asks if you want to install the NR version, say Yes.
  5. Run NR PC and let it update with the PPC connected.

If that doesn’t please contact our tech support.



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