TomeRaider FAQ

Where can I get TomeRaider files?

Although many sites publish TomeRaider files there are two official TomeRaider libraries, these are Memoware.com and Tomeraider.com. We recommend you start off at TomeRaider.com.

Memoware has about 4,000 TomeRaider 2 and TomeRaider 3 files.

Of special note is  the Wikipedia TomeRaider 3 – this is the worlds biggest reference work and its no available in one single TomeRaider 3 file.

What are TomeRaider 2 Files?

TomeRaider 2 files have the *.tr extension, opposed to the more advanced TomeRaider 3 files which have the *.tr3 extension.

TomeRaider 2 files can be read in older versions of TomeRaider or they can be converted to TomeRaider 3 files for free using TomeRaider Windows.

Can I view TR2 files in TomeRaider 3 on Palm or PPC?

No you cannot. They will need to be upgraded (free) in TomeRaider Windows. Some TR2 files have formatting issues which means they cannot be upgraded. In such a case the original author of the TR2 file will need to be contacted so the the file can be regenerated in TR3 format.

What are TomeRaider Raid Scripts (SiteRaider)?

These are scripts written in our own raid Script language (as sued by NewsRaider) which download a website and convert it into a formatted, indexed and categorised website. For example, there is a Raid Script that converts the World’s healthiest Foods website into an e-book.

In order to create a TomeRaider file from a Raid Script you need to open it from File>Site raider menu in TomeRaider for windows. This will then download the website and the end result will be a new e-book in TR3 format. Its really great!


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